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Good afternoon :-). I would like to know if your grandfather knew anything about the extermination camps and what was his response too it?

I know it is a emotionally difficult question. I am a Dutch guy living on the border with Germany and know many German people. The German side is often forgotten.. indoctrination is a thing that many people should read more about. And thank you for this AmA

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Edit: Can anyone here help me to meet him!?

He'll be in Wimbledon next month

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I understand. It is similar to what others say. Thank you for answering :-)

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Haha i asked a similar question about "Eddy the Eagle"

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wat u vindt van het TTIP? Ik maak me er zorgen over,

Heel veel mensen maken zich er zorgen over... Alleen word er zo weinig over gepraat in t nieuws/politiek.