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VersaceWaterfall81 karma

What’s your opinion on the beef Hoodie Allen started with Riff Raff, Mike Stud, and you on “Nolan Ryan”? I feel like you have calculated your career perfectly and are hitting your album at the peak of your hype. Your about to pass up everyone on that list but why do you think he called you out, I thought you and Hoodie were friends? It just seems like a publicity attempt to piggyback off your success.

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The voicemail your mom left you on Opportunity Cost was powerful and motivating. Your one of the only rappers I see who doesn’t have fake twitter followers and everything you’ve accomplished was earned with hard work. How does it feel to create a project that you’ve poured everything into? From the billboards, to the printed CD’s/vinyl’s in stores everywhere, this seems like the pinnacle of an independent artists dream. Your album really struck a key with me thank you.

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Stud came out with a "0-100" remix calling out Hoodie Allen for making fun of his Tommy John surgery. Then Hoodie came out with a song called "Little League" making fun of Stud more. After that Stud came out with another song called "Even Steven" making fun of Hoodie. Lol they looked like kids

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How did you meet Cristoph Andersson? I feel like his instrumental remixes were crucial to keeping your hype alive when you were working on your album. His remixes are very deep sounding songs, I hope you guys work together in the future.