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No disrespect taken. Also, not offended or really a Trump "supporter".

All great insights and great points, thanks for giving me something to think about/digest.

Have been following you for several years now and have noticed his name appearing more and more in your content. Was just curious is all :)

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Loved your book start to finish.

However, what was the relevance in planting the anti-Trump rhetoric towards the end of the book and as each day passes, Thiel's decision was "obviously" bad.

While I understand your disdain for the man, is it necessary to keep tucking it in blog posts & books? Is that truly a Stoic response?

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How do you manage to crank through 2+ books/week? Do you use any speed reading techniques or something along the lines of a Tai Lopez where he just reads the back and flips thru a few pages for "one book a day"?

Also, where does one draw the line on confidence vs ego? Along the lines of Henry Ford, "whether you think you can or you can't, you're right." It almost seems counterintuitive.

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Hey Ryan -

Long time fan/follower. Read all of your books thus far and am impressed how you continue to improve over time.

How did Peter and Nick decide to reach out to you for this project? Were you the only person, or one on a shortlist and had to somehow pitch to get the documents/interviews?

Secondly, how has this project changed the trajectory of your writing career? Are we going to see similar work in the future? - if that's something that you've already been able to identify.