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Thank you for sharing your story. What is your opinion on issuing an Amber Alert for immediate familial abductions?

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Ok so I've put a lot a thought into this. Can't we solve this question by having a woman, who normally squirts during sex, take Azo, a medication that causes a distinct change in urine color? Women who take it for UTI are are of the fact it seems to turn your pee into Easter egg dye. Think of it as a tracer. Lay down a towel... Have some fun...And viola. Normal wet spot or day glow orange.

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Thank you for answering. Idk why but this is a fairly common discussion in my household. I really value your experience and opinion on this issue as you've experienced it first hand.

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I'm in the psych field and this is something I've been discussing. Do you think we will see an increase in suicides and over doses? If so By what percentage? How much would you attribute to unemployment?

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I just tried to up vote that story twice. Love it!