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You're thinking of commercial hotel chains. Most small/medium sized backpackers/youth hostels have one, or a handful employees at best taking care of the front desk and the cleaning. In exchange they get to live there for free and a small pay. They mostly hire travellers looking for a transient job so I would assume that's what he meant.

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Canadian rules for asking asylum from outside Canada

You are not eligible to resettle to Canada as a refugee from outside Canada if:

  • you have another secure offer for protection, such as an offer to be resettled in another country;

  • you become a citizen of another country and have the protection of that country;

SK is often the default option. If I remember correctly, China has ties with the NK regime so if a NK refugee gets caught in china, they are shipped back to NK so they aim for the SK embassy, as its the closest friendly one, even if it means they have to do a B-line through china. Getting from NK directly to Canada must be quite a tour de force when you're poor and don't know anybody outside NK.

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Are they looking for particular skills or trades or it is so unique that they give you in-house formation? Studying to be a millwright right now and I was thinking windmills could be a cool field to work in.

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I've read a lot of stories about men being raped and a very common scenario is being blackout drunk in a party/gathering and having some shady person takes advantage of them.

Victim blaming makes me furious and I think it's ok to get drunk to that point if that's what you enjoy but as a man, the message I take home is to do it with only people you trust or at the very least, stay in control of yourself.

I honestly don't get this double discourse I often see though, perhaps you could explain it to me? On one hand you should assume all men are rapists, not walk alone, don't come back too late, watch your drink and so on because prevention. Sound advices, better be safe than sorry, no argument can be made there. When it comes to prevent losing all control of yourself in a public setting though, the second you bring in prevention, you're a rape apologist because you should be able to get drunk if you want to?

I understand that you shouldn't blame a victim because you're lessening the severity of the offence perpetrated and minimizing the responsibility of the perpetrator but I don't see how daring to suggest avoiding a situation where you are potentially defenseless, especially when knowing 45% of rapists are intoxicated, is being a rape apologist.

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Local small provider here (canada) does the same. Buys bandwidth from a bigger provider and sells it cheaper. I called my provider at the time (the big provider) and asked them how this was possible. They had no answer except for "maybe their customer service isn't as good". I told them I won't need their customer service as its the same network and I never had an issue. I then told them I'd cancel if they couldn't price match the small guy since it made absolutely no sense to me that people who rent bandwidth to them could resell it cheaper. They flat out refused so I cancelled. Went with the small provider and never had an issue after 3 years so far.

My guess is that the bigger provider either has more overhead or they want to preserve their profit margin.