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On what platforms are your games available on? Also, where are you guys based?

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Lekker! Ek is lief vir Nederland! ❤ Pragtige plek. I hope to see your games on Playstation in the future. I can imagine how difficult it must be for a smaller company running 3 games on 2 or more platforms though. So big props!👌

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Is the outbreak really FAR worse than what we see on international news reports?

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Haha. Dankie! Ek is van Suid Afrika en praat Afrikaans. Duits en Afrikaans klink baie dieslefde. Ek verstaan 80% van wat julle sê. I play PubG with a few friends from the Netherlands. I teach them stuff and they teach me stuff. Something they say a lot is "kanker spel".😂

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Please share with us your opinion on extraterrestrial life? Have you seen/heard anything worth mentioning during your time as an CIA operative?