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There’s a story I heard that when Rush recorded albums, they were extremely fast, often recording as an ensemble in one take. Do you recall if they were significantly more efficient than other band’s recording processes? Are there any other bands that got amazing amounts of stuff recorded in a short amount of studio hours?

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I played it a thousand times in various covers bands. Anyway, one band I was in for a while we had two guitars and I would play the 2nd guitar part. That harmony one that goes above the main part. It was like night and day compared to just one guitar, no matter how much chorus is juicing it. It's like the difference between playing it with a drummer who half-asses it, and one that nails all the beats and fills. It's really an interesting drum song.

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Hi Mr. Perry, I grew up loving Aerosmith, I even had your solo album from the 70s. You're definitely an influence on my playing. I am from the west coast, but I lived in Massachusetts for a few years, and it was fun to hear all the anecdotal stories that people have about you and also Aerosmith.

Do you still own that nightclub? I can't remember the name, but I went there to see musicians a couple times in '04. It was a cool venue for bringing higher caliber musicians out to that area. Thanks!