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VengefulLegatus2 karma

Hi, I am a big fan of trivia, but I noticed that after doing Sporcle a few times, it feels a little stale. The long timers and getting all the lists down gets quite annoying after a while. Personally, I get way too impatient and prefer something more real-time (cough QuizUp cough).

How do you plan to improve your service in the future? Or do you have a Sporcle's twin-sister in mind that is a reach-for-the-top/Quizbowl style trivia goodness?

VengefulLegatus1 karma

A little late, but Nala (from seq), Wil, and Nocturne.

Are there any other high profile voice actors, like Cristina Vee and Todd Haberkorn?

Also, how much of Wil will we see? How many painful puns are you going to put us through? WHY ARE YOU SO EVIL?

VengefulLegatus1 karma

-explained why Sporcle did not implement it.

-explained background.

-investigation into new products.

-answers question deftly and on point.

Intelligent answer that covered all bases and then some, with no wasted words. Thank you, that was an excellent answer.