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Venexis5 karma

Mr. Dawkins, I actually have two and a half questions today, if that's okay.

1a) During one of my electives at university a while ago, I took a course on religion and science which covered the inconsistencies between the two as well as going on to explain that that don't need to be fully separate, among other things. Naturally you were a major talking point in such a class, so I'm curious- what is your opinion of such courses being available for students, and what's it like knowing that you're commonly seen as the "perfect athiest" in such courses?

1b) You may know what course I'm referring to above, my professor claimed to have spoken (and vehemently disagreed) with you in person. I respect both of you, but how do you respond to people like him who claim that science and religion aren't mutually exclusive?

2) What gives your existence meaning, if not a god?

Feel free to skip any or all of the above, but you're definitely one of my most influential role models in the scientific community and I'd be honored to hear a few words from you myself. Thanks for the AMA, and I wish you the best.