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I hear you.

I live in Nashville (saw you at the War Memorial a couple years ago, best Beacon Light ever). Brilliant starving musicians are a dime a dozen. I don't even try to find a band to play with anymore because the whole city is full of starving musical geniuses trying to eek out a living doing session work and playing for tips.

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Weed can decrease your seizure threshold if you're already predisposed to them, FWIW. I learned that from experience. I'm now on an anti-convulsant and smoke all I want.

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I just noticed that following this AMA is one by Jason Mewes. In a sense, you're opening for him.

Any chance of the two of you ever working together?

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Two questions:

1) Is a hotdog a sandwich? (obligatory for culinary related AMAs) 2) How many hours of footage would you guess they shoot to get enough to edit down to a single episode?

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You like Menkin? My dad has those books.