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Can I just say that from reading your answers in this thread, you seem to be a very calm, respectful, and intelligent person, and that you've given me a new perspective to ponder? Thanks, and all the best to you.

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This comment was really cool to read. Thanks, man. Also, I like how you casually dropped that NASA was your backup plan. That's a killer line, man. Proud of you.

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I'll have what he's having.

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How did your editor not notice that massive typo in the title? We all know what I'm referring to ;)

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There are creams on the market that are claimed to create hair growth where there was none before—especially in places where hair is common (e.g. jaw, around mouth, etc.)—that are sold with gloves to prevent hair from growing on your hands. It's elaborate, but do these actually work?

A friend of mine has used it and claims it successfully connected his mustache to his beard, where before there was a slight gap. I'm doubtful, but intrigued for the same reason.