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Vegan_peace4 karma

Hey Lynn! Few questions. 1. At what grade did you realise that climbing was YOUR sport, something that you would strive for perfection in 2. What style of climbing did you struggle with most? (ie; slab, overhang, roof...etc) 3. What do you think about the way climbing has evolved today? In your Yosemite days, it was something rebellious, contrary to today, where climbing has received so much attention, we are on the verge of becoming an Olympic sport

Thank you, good luck answering all the rest of the questions this thread will attract 😄

Vegan_peace2 karma

Hey! I'm currently writing my masters thesis on invertebrate-based ethics, but (ironically, I know) I've always been absolutely terrified of of insects, and while doing my research I struggle to even look at pictures of them. Do you have any irrational phobias like mine?