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How many fossils have you accidentally “destroyed” in your career?

I want to get into fossil hunting by my number one fear is that because of my lack of experience excavating I’ll destroy numerous specimens before I learn not to.

How do you handle this conundrum?

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Thank you for doing this Ann Williams. What’s the worst case of disrupting a archeological site you ever witnessed? I can’t imagine a worst caliber of person for an archeologist than a looter. Is there something worse than that? What historical context was lost?

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Thank you for doing this AMA. Have you done experiments to test what happens if the battery is broken open? Does the radioactive become harmful and potentially become a cancerous agent? I wish you luck on your research and hope that you will make several break throughs in the future.

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Hi Ken Stanly, thank you for doing this AMA. How did you find yourself working in this field?