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"one of which I pocketed and took home."

What did you pocket?

Thank you for your service and this IMA!

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Is the HPV vaccine dangerous? What if any side effects?

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It sounds like you are a compassionate person and care for humanity regardless of religion or beliefs and were willing to serve your county in times of need. For this I thank you!

My only question:

After 96 years on Earth..... When your mind wonders off to a place and time that is most memorable, your "back in my day" place... your first thought about what you have witnessed in your long life.... what is it?

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Shouldn't you be working instead of doing an AMA on Reddit? I mean really... the news is wall to wall about the extra long waits at your checkpoints. Shouldn't you go do a job instead of this? Do you ever fell like you a just a prop? Do you really miss 90% of all weapons during the screening tests? Why does the Federal Government supply security to private airlines? Shouldn't the airlines/passengers pay for their security and not all the taxpayers? How many old/disabled/children have you made cry? How many hours of passenger's time have you personally wasted?