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Tocabe is awesome, we eat there all the time. The owners are great!

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I love Louise Erdrich too

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I'm a midwestern farm girl living in Southern California. We have hippie-inclined neighbors who are completely all-natural everything when it comes to food... I went for a ride with them one day to pick up their raw milk, they basically work around California's regulations by buying a "share" of a dairy cow from a local dairy farmer, and then collecting their share of the raw milk once a week. They are allowed to drink the raw milk because they "own" it. For real!

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Call your pediatrician and ask for their recommendation. I’m in the same boat and I’m nervous, but they have a lot of office precautions in place for well-baby visits. So we’re going in for our 4 month this week.

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I was going to say that looks a lot like Indiana! I lived in Lafayette for years. Now in California with a huge wind farm nearby.