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Vanthu12 karma

I want to thank you for writing "Prone to Violence". I grew up being beaten by my mother in rages. Consequently, I was subject to rages as an adult.

Over time I came to understand that my mother was just doing what she had been taught as a child, that the source of the rages is a feeling of being attacked, and a feeling of inadequacy to to anything about it, that just because I felt I was being attacked, doesn't mean I was, it was subconscious triggers, something was similar to a time I was beaten.

Because it was my mother who was the violent one, I was 43 years old, in a human growth a development class in college, studying child abuse before I realized that I was an abused child. I was always taught that men were abusers, ans women were innocent victims. Your book was instrumental in me understanding the nature of abuse. I am now nearly completely free of my past.

Thank you for your work, for your books, and everything you do. You are one of my heros.