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Not to hog the AMA, but I have a few questions for team members. I've got to hop in the car so excuse me if these have been asked already or eleswhere...

One: If money and resources were no barrier, what would your wildest dream for the direction of KSP be?

Two: Your game as a whole is almost unanimously liked or loved by its players. What kind of emotions do you feel given the amazing progress you've made, and that you've created a fun videogame that has changed lives and influenced careers, etc?

Three: If you ever have downtime to actually play KSP, what has to be your favorite part? What are you happiest with?

Four: Alot of the player base are space fanatics. I know I live my life under the glorious leadership of NDT and Cmdr. Hadfield, but do people on the team also have their heads above the clouds?

Thanks guys!

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KSP hardmode: geforces, reentry heating, micrometoroids, life support failures, radiation...

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And losing 11k nigerian naira is like losing 3,326.05 japanese yen

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Great, there goes all NASA GRC productivity for the next few months...

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If your son's high school has an FRC team, get him involved in that. It's a great way to refine his passions and whatnot.