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What was it like to be pregnant with your condition?

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The sameness of every single day at home is starting to make me unwell. Now I get mild panic attacks. I feel as though my days are all grey and the same and there’s no where to turn to remove myself from the situation (we’re on lock down). My old life was fast paced and maybe mental health issues were there but covered up by the hectic nature of every day life. I simply don’t know how to be happy and healthy in lockdown.

How is lockdown changing the way we think about mental health? How do we change our approach to mental health through the lens of lockdown? What can we do to maintain our health in lockdown, beyond generic ‘stay connected with friends on zoom!’ advice?

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Probably a decade ago, I emailed you asking for advice on becoming an artist. You graciously took the time to give me some wonderful tips and kind words. Today I am a professional artist! Thank you for being so cool.

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Looking at all possible flaws, why wont this work? If you had to guess why, in the end, this vaccine doesn’t go the distance, what would the reason be?

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As a game developer and motion sickness... getter, I'm really intrigued by this. So, in all your user testing, no one has ever said they got even a little bit sick playing?