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It has been an interesting couple of months - some days we feel like this thing is going to be huge! And others we find ourselves losing hundreds of dollars a day on Google ads, or getting kind of ripped off by freelancer for example… I will say we hoped to sell about 200 by the end of the summer and we sold 350. So from that perspective more successful than I thought, but also we are only selling 3-5 composters a day most days and well - I did keyword research that said we had 100,000+ monthly searches around worm composting… so I’ve been kind of surprised that it hasn’t grown faster but then I remind myself that I created a product that literally requires convincing someone to bring a bucket of worms in their house. 🙃♻️🪱

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Lloyd Christmas was actually my father… I got worms.

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Because you all gave his horrible viewpoints prime eyeballs. Not that you are wrong in reporting the story but sadly I bet the traffic on those websites has significantly increased and picked up a few more pedo community members as a result. Congrats on giving him a voice when before he had none.

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Got your t-shirt.

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We love Red Wiggler Worms! They are great for composting because they eat fast and are content where they are. Some other species are active and try to explore but red wigglers don’t try to climb out of their bins.