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I've got one of those dogs that pees/marks frequently during a walk. He seems very intent in leaving his scent everywhere. what I don't understand is why my dog wants to mark around our house when we leave the house. Any tips on how to get him to stop marking in the house? It seems instinctual to him. Thanks in advance from my carpet cleaner.

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I feel like Stwphen Hawking feels similarly. Dont fight automation as it helps free us up for more enjoyable things in life. Lets just hope we dont wind up like all the humans in Wall-E.

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Thanks for the tips! We see him on our security camera when we've left and that's when he's doing it. We haven't gone to diapers yet but do leave pee pads in the hot zones. Also hardwood floors make for easier cleanups than carpet so we usually quarantine him in areas of the house that don't have carpet (when we leave. He doesn't pee in the house when we're there). My "I'm not even mad I'm impressed" part of this is he has chosen to pee near/on the house A/C vents. He's like, maximizing scent distribution.

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Any chance you're working in a Celebrity Deathmatch revival?

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Hi Fabien, I'm very curious about your adventures, and also your learning center. I notice you develop education programs for schools. Has your organization been discussing eLearning? I feel a really cool project could be an immersive VR experience underwater that inspires conservation, but for more traditional classroom setups, curious if any educational programs are using eLearning? Merci!