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This may be a weird question, because it's kind of hard for me to articulate what I'm actually wondering. But does it feel more like "my new heart" or more like "someone else's heart that's in me"? And do you think it would be different were it not anonymous?... Is it ever somewhat disconcerting to think that your heart used to be in somebody else?... Also, obviously, congrats!

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I sell software now but sold cars for a good while... Car dealerships have massive turnover. A ton of people who work at them only work there a few months. Sales is very much not a skill that everyone (or even many people) can master, and at most dealerships you are fired if you miss quarterly quota by one car once. Plus, a lot of people quit after a couple months because of the environment and demanding nature. So they almost always need people... So in terms of how people get the jobs, they just apply with an ability to look presentable and speak fairly well. I got sick of a dealership I was at, and to get a job at another I didnt even have to find a posting or someone actively hiring. I just walked in and said, "hey, I'd like to work here. I'm good at hitting quotas" and that was it.

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That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the response. And best of luck with everything moving forward!

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To clarify... Have you had the cancer for 15 years and your doctor misdiagnosed it way back when, or did you develop it much more recently but write it off because you attributed it to varicose veins?...

Hope all goes well in a week!