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Wish more people understood just how versatile ethernet is. What are your thoughts on FCoE vs iSCSI when transmitting data for storage products?

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The best case scenario here is that she gets the help she needs and takes this 2nd chance at life to the fullest.

But we live in a world where best case scenarios dont always come to fruition. What are you or have you done for yourself if she rejects the help and starts stalking you again (bad) or tries to harm you (worse)?

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Thanks for doing this AMA. Judging by your stream it appears your injury is at the C4-C5 level as you still have a lot of control of your arms.

My brother was in a motorcycle accident in 2005. He at the time was a fairly new/inexperienced rider. On an outing with a group of people he messed up control of the bike and attempted to brake with his front tire. This caused the back tire to flip up and throw him from the bike. This wouldnt have been so devastating if he hadnt been on a circular on-ramp with rail guards. His short flight was abruptly stopped by said guard rail leaving him with a dislocated spine at the c3/c4.

With little to no ability to move his left arm and minimal movement in his right; one product that he uses which helped him dramatically is this: http://www.naturalpoint.com/smartnav/

It ideally is meant for those using a flight simulator but works just as fine for general mouse movement. Move your head and your mouse moves.

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Just one guy's preference ... fake boobs, over the top tan, bleach blonde hair .. massive turnoff to me. Give me a petite, brunette, pale girl with B cups all day long. ;)

I understand that for a girl with a small chest, it is frustrating to find clothing that fits since tops are often cut with the assumption youre working with at least a C cup.