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Are there any tip lines available to help those who were potentially targeted?

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Before highspeed internet I would use ly right hand for the job.

Once I started using my computer and clicking around with a cum filled hand i decided to switch.

The left hand was not as good for a long time but I slowly transitioned until recently only finishing with my right to get an added jolt to the job.

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I have my own personal standing theory for black holes that goes like this:

Due to the extreme gravity, every bit of information is simultaneously attempting to return to the centre of the black hole, and as such are being accelerated from the horizon through the body and back to the opposing horizon as other bits take it's place.

This creates an infinite loop of acceleration and deceleration scrabbling of the information and a equivulantely irreversable distortion of the original properties.

I have postulated that due to this incredible amount of gravity, and the strength of the arch and sphere as shapes, the basic lowest state for a black hole would look similar to a hollow sphere where the surface area contains all of the information, and the centre of mass remains at the mid point of the sphere.

Using planks laws we see that for every bit of information consumed by the black hole the surface area grows by 1 plank unit squared. Also following a fundamental law, dispersion of similar objects occurs from a myriad of forces and we can assume that under such pressure, temperatures, and massive gravitational acceleration, the information stored in the black hole would intrinsically attempt to remain as spaced out as possible within the black hole while still being manipulated by it's gravity.

As new information is aquired by the black hole, a surplus of energy is also aquired and some information on the boundary can become ejected.

Have you come across any research blatantly supporting or disproving these ideas?

What do you think is the most important consequence of understanding black holes as a species for humans?

What is the most confusing research that you have come across that needed to be completely understood before advancing further in your pursuits?