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Not the OP, but have extensive background.

1) Not really, but warm water has been found to increase likelyhood that individuals actually meet the required timeframe that will be useful in removing any foreign contaminants

2) Yes, at almost every stage of the preparation the surface of the dish is not reaching the heating zone required to sterilize RNA

3) No, exercise reduces your ability to fight virus when you are past the incubation phase and before you have started recovery. Your body is confused as to where it is supposed to send nutrients so it focuses on muscular damage as it thinks you are escaping predation. Obviously, this isn't a 1:1 shift but it's a non negligible effect.

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Are there any tip lines available to help those who were potentially targeted?

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How likely is the possibility that torrented operating systems and programs contain malware, keyloggers, or MIM vectors that could lead to identity theft or impersonation?

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Before highspeed internet I would use ly right hand for the job.

Once I started using my computer and clicking around with a cum filled hand i decided to switch.

The left hand was not as good for a long time but I slowly transitioned until recently only finishing with my right to get an added jolt to the job.

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If you are showing symptoms call your family doctor, a local health line, or hospital to inform them.

If you think you are sick they dont want you spreading the virus to community members that are in high risk populations.

They aren't trying to downplay the spread, they are trying to mitigate the spread.

Edit1 : /u/kougeru in response to your deleted comment

You're ignoring the part where most case have no symptoms and are spreading it. ONLY testing people with symptoms is stupid. There's thousands of posts on social media about people getting denied testing due to not symptoms even though they had close contact with someone that for sure had it. This does not help "mitigate" the spread

There are serious issues at play here far beyond the average persons insight.

This is a global pandemic

That means nearly 8 billion people could become infected with a death rate of 2-5%. That means upwards of 450 million people could die worldwide in the next 12 months.

If each test costs 10$ that's 80Bn dollars to test the world.

The wealthy dont just have this money sitting around, it's literally tied up in assets like hardware, real estate, and payroll escrow.

So that money has to come from somewhere, are you paying for infected people to get tested?

Edit2 : Order of magnitude correction, dropped a 0 while I was typing.