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I'm unemployed at the moment, and it would mean a great deal for me if I could turn this hobby into a career :) I love making Skrolli, and it has actually made me consider becoming a journalist even if not at Skrolli. I'm currently studying computer science at university, so doing Skrolli for a living would combine my CS knowledge and my wish of being a journalist.

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Very well said. I hope these commenters were not calling you a copy cat between the lines... The difference between your video and the others is huge. Yours is much more entertaining and approachable. You did good work! You implemented meny memetic youtube video styles in a way that served the message.

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I forgot Worms! And the non-commercial Finnish equivalent Liero (MS-DOS)! Those were the best!

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Amigas and ducks are pretty much the same size, so it all comes down to the question whether one would rather fight a duck or 500 Amigas. Ducks are pretty cute and don't put much of a fight, so I'd rather fight 500 Amigas, even though I would certainly lose.

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It's hard to choose! Maybe an article on Pure Data programming language. It made me want to try it out and understand it better. The kind of thinking the language requires is totally different from what I've been used to.

On the other hand, I like the article on practical 3D printing, because unlike many other articles on the topic, it wasn't about printing readily designed objects but answering personal needs for spare-parts etc. But I wrote it myself, so it doesn't probably count :D

Third good one to mention is an article on wireless keyboard security problems, because it made me want to learn signal processing!