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ValentineWiggen8 karma

Hey mc, thanks for doing this ama!

An ex of mine got me into your music; it was the best thing he ever gave me.

I don't really have any questions (except for: would you please come back to Reno?), but I want to say thank you for your music, and for what you do, and who you are. Your music has gotten me through some shit, and you're an inspiration to me because not only do you embrace who you are, but you pursue your passions and encourage others to do the same. Thanks for being brave, mc, and thanks for giving us someone to look up to!

ValentineWiggen2 karma

I'm not talking breast tissue. I'm talking just boobs. No science. Just what people see when they look at you.

Thusly, the women oriented breast cancer movements. I didn't say it was smart. I didn't say it was fair. I'm just saying that's probably why.

And I've known a disproportionate amount of people born on friday the 13th, for whatever reason. Seems lucky to me... I would hold out. I bet your luck is still coming.

ValentineWiggen-2 karma

True... but the odds of a woman getting it would be more likely, one would think... what with the higher genetic tendency to have breasts.

Not to assume I know what the odds are of men vs. women contracting the cancer. Just an observation of the usual anatomy.