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There's too many to mention. But a recent quote that I remember and that I use is definitely worth sharing. Frank said, "You have to learn how to own and operate the word no."

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Too many to mention but the important thing is starting very slow and listening carefully to every note to make sure each is coming out clear and beautiful. If something comes out wrong you have to go back and work on it until it sounds perfect. Then increase the speed form there. Your right hand technique is very important. You need to focus on moving your wrist and fingers as little as possible but making sure the note is coming out beautiful. This way when you start getting faster, you don't have to move so much. I call that economy of motion.

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He also said, "There's only two things to remember. Number 1: Don't stop and Number 2: Keep going."

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  1. My next 3.
  2. I'm usually never not inspired to pick up and play. But sometimes uninspired things come out. When that happens, I put my focus deeper into every note and that usually does the trick. Another cool thing I can recommend, is whenever you come up with something that feels inspired, even a little piece of music or riff, try to capture it on some sort of device, like an iPhone, etc. If you find you're in a dry spell, if you go back and listen to something that felt inspired at the time, there's a good chance it can ignite a flame within you in that moment.

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It's about as good as my slide playing... Which is about as good as my Italian... Which isn't really great.