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UsingMuse1236 karma

I assume everyone does work each day to contribute? How is that work decided on?

You mentioned you're a net calorie exporter, I guess you sell, earn dollars and buy what you can't produce, right?

How are purchases decided on?

Does anyone have a job on the outside?

Do you have private possessions?

Who's your oldest resident? What will their aging process look like if they decide to stay?

How long do you think this will continue?

How did you decide on your current coresidents?

Has anyone been kicked out? How many have lived there but left on their own accord?

Do you have anyone with chronic diseases like diabetes?

Why did you decide on rural VA over other places in the US? Also, what other regions did you consider?

UsingMuse1233 karma

Who is the deciding vote? I.E. if there isn't a consensus, are you the one who makes the final decision?

How do you handle healthcare? Do you all have insurance? What happens when someone breaks and arm? What if someone got cancer?