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You could also ship a bag, with some of the fees with a check bag or even some charge for a carry on it can be cheaper to ship stuff. Now it wouldn't work for staying in a hotel I don't think but if you are visiting family it's great. I did this when I flew Allegiant Airlines. I shipped clothes and stuff a week early then just had my tooth brush and stuff in my personal bag.

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I work at a school and have covid before students even started. We don’t have any disinfectant, one bottle of hand sanitizer and all of the staff check their temperature with the same thermometer. We have students start on the 31st. HR told me if I got a negative result I am due back to work, even though the doctor note specified 3 days symptom free and 10 days quarantined. It is like they want everyone to get sick.

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If he did steal a poster no one in their right mind would set it down they would stuff it under their shirt or try to hide it. I really think he was framed but that's because anyone who would go to NK wouldn't be ballsy enough to try that. Maybe I am wrong but when you know the consequence it's not worth it.

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I just got my second dose and was curious as to why places don’t book the second appointment after getting the first one? When I went I was told an invitation email would be sent out. I got it Saturday (3 days before I was due). Other locations have different methods but it seems like they should just go automatically 3 weeks out and same time slot. Why is it such a pain to schedule?

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Unless they represent someone who could be sentenced to death.