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Right. The proverbial issue is that it is one set of people taking away another set's right to access the real world and process that information as they see fit. How can we interact with and form understanding of examples of evil if we cannot see them and label them? Someone else thinks they have the right to know this for me? HA! I think NOT!

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Precisely. You must know evil to defeat it.

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How would you respond to this? "You cannot negate 'x' if you cannot define 'x'; you cannot defeat evil if you cannot face it."

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Delete the ability to face something real, and you never really know reality.

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So you arbitrarily decide that there is nothing valuable to gain by studying a criminal's face or characteristics, such as the look in their eyes, that might be studied to teach the public how to identify threatening gazes; scars suggesting a past of abuse, prompting public interest in studying abuse's effect on criminal behavior; or demographic information informing aggregate criminal statistics and probability? By removing part of "x", you breed needless ignorance of "x". Ignorance NEVER equals bliss. It equals enslavement.