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I processed air-international shipments. The green sticker is an identifier showing package handlers that it has been audited and cleared to leave the facility. It was always rush rush rush until 7 or so to make the first two airplanes out of the region but the last truck for Canadian bound ground shipments wouldn't leave until 11:30 or so. I think I did this on one of the few slow summer days when we'd finish processing the sort by 7 or so in the evening.

I did things like this frequently and, in the 3 years I worked for UPS, I had been written up enough times to make a lasting impression. Who wants employee of the month when you can drive a part time supervisor crazy?

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I once worked for UPS as well. One of my prouder employee record entries was stacking a series single part shipment 7-8 feet to the ceiling. I was written up for it, "improper egress," but well worth it to make the repetitive work just a bit more bearable. Could you beat that for screwing around?

Remember: feet shoulder width apart, bend and the knees, pivot and don't twist.

Anyway, I'm going to fall asleep with Postman's syndrome tonight. Thanks.

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Thankyou, it was my crowning achievement when I worked there. I can show it off, I think the statute of limitations on have long past for me to be held liable for showing off pictures I surreptitiously took while on the clock.