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Useful_Paperclip95 karma

Like, oh I dont know, evidence of Trump/Russia collusion? No one has seen that but it hasnt stopped you from commentimg on it for, as you said, 18 months.

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The same Buzzfeed that still stands by their pee-tape story? And the same Buzzfeed that ran a story saying trump told Cohen to lie under oath, which Mueler had to come out and call out as a lie. THATS what you consider good reporting? You're a partisan hack and its insult to anyone with any intelligence to call yourself a journalist

Useful_Paperclip4 karma

Might want to look at our Army in Syria. And our expanding army presence in Eyrope. And our sanctions on Venezuela.

"But but but this obscure dude named Oleg!"

You have no business calling yourself a journalist.

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What quid-pro-quo? Trump hasnt done anything meaningful for Russia