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What do we mean by "introduced themselves to their victims before killing them"?

"Hello, I'm a Viking .. my name is Kevin. Prepare to die."

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Maximum of 5 (at least in NSW). CWH operates a franchise model.

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Pretty certain calling your City "land of serpents and ticks" doesn't exactly bring the boys to the yard. I can see why the marketing department renamed it. /s

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Not in Australia. You still have to prepare and file a return, although much of the content is pre-filled if you’ve associated your tax file number to the income. If you’re a relatively straight forward Pay-As-You-Go individual, you won’t have much work to do.

Our tax laws are complicated, I can’t say how complicated relative to other countries, but anyone with complex investments, investment property, foreign income, or self-employed is probably going to be better off using someone to prepare their return to ensure they’re getting the best result (the cost of which is deductible).

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Is that how they’re making the ‘black’?