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I don't think he has the same driving factors we do for seeking sex/relationships. All of his knowledge on the subjects comes from external observation. He, quite literally, does not know what hes missing.

If rubbing your nuts in salt and slapping a monkey in the face with them was the best thing ever, and you had never done it before, you might wonder how cool it would be, but you wouldn't really feel like you were missing anything because of how ignorant you would be to the pleasure. I imagine sex to him is like slapping a monkey in the face with salty balls.

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My mother runs a small day care out of her home (between 4 and 7 kids on average) and there is nothing but love there. She is state certified and licensed and its never been an issue. I stop by and play with the kids a few times a week and they all run up and give me a hug and tell me they love me (and vice versa) as soon as I come in the door, and again when I'm about to leave. She has random inspections on occasions. This has happened when there was an inspector there. It has never been a problem.

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Doug the double penetrated. What a title.

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Not going to lie... I was expecting bondage...