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With regard to plastic in the ocean, if we can’t clean up the 10 most polluted rivers in Asia why bother trying to clean up the problem anywhere else?

(Note: something like 90% of ocean garbage comes from only 10 rivers in China and India)

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How are the freshwater mussels, newts and salamanders holding up? Folks don’t seem to care much here in the US.

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Sorry you got downvoted because you’re fucking right. Those rivers are essentially ground zero to ocean garbage. But here’s where it’s your problem: you, rich American and European, have all the money and care about ocean garbage. Indian river communities have no money and don’t give a fuck because even if they did care there is nothing they can do to fix it. Are you willing to keep pumping YOUR money into Indian river communities to get them waste management solutions?

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You mean you don’t feel an uncontrollable urge to look under rocks and logs every time you cross a creek?

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How much can you bench?