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Yeah. The problem here in Scandinavia is of course that all our houses are built to trap heat, and AC is really only a thing in schools, hotels and shops. I don't think I've ever been in a private residence with AC.

That said, I'm predicting there will be a fair few next summer...

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Have you ever tested a product and thought "this is life-changing!", and if so what?

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I'm confused - they made a sequel !

I played it quite a bit after it got an absolutely glowing review on Eurogamer.

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I followed the link, and now I'm gonna have to find some way of locating Harry & David pears in Sweden, in winter.

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To be fair, he was 15 at the time he committed these attacks - it's probably expunged by now, and if not, it's something that should probably be chalked up to "youthful sins". Hardly the first fighter to have been in fights as a kid.