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Non-matched donors are important because they can set off a "chain" of matches, correct?

I know you don't necessarily get to find out who gets your kidney, but do you get to find out how long the chain you created ends up being?

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What was the best advice you received as a grad student?

Or, more generally, do you have any advice for current (Econ) grad students?

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Hello Prof. Wolff,

I'm an economics graduate student. In my admittedly brief encounters with Marxian economic literature, my impression that that Marxists are interested in very different questions than "mainstream" economists and thus employ very different methodologies.

I'm sympathetic to the argument that economists need to more thoroughly consider Marxian arguments/perspectives, but these seem more philosophic and almost orthogonal to how modern, positive economics is done.

In your opinion, can Marxian analysis provide additional insight into questions that mainstream, positive economists are interested in? Or is it a set of tools to analyze a different (equally important) category of questions?

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Obv not Prof Wolff but that fact of the matter is that your personal statement likely won't even be read in applications to elite universities (for economics, not true for other disciplines). High math grades and good letters of rec are what you need.

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Try being in the hell of first year while this all happens. A good way to get depressed...