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Simple question from be. Do you believe cancer could totally be eradicated or immunised?

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Thanks for the reply.

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Hi Jesse. Interested in your view here as it’s a bit of an interesting one.

I am due to fly from the UK to Vancouver in September Cruise from Vancouver to Seattle then Hawaii Fly from Hawaii to Mexico Then back to the UK.

Obviously that trip isn’t going to happen in its entirety, but what is your view that can/will happen? From your experience what would good alternatives to see along that route?

Appreciate you can’t be sure, but as well travelled as you are it would be interesting to hear!

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You know when you are about to fall asleep and you remember something cringey you did about 14 years ago?

Probably every single one of those thoughts at once.

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Are you still seeing turbo issues with the 2.0 2016/2017 f-paces? Had an absolute nightmare with one blowing.