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What sort of wares are they selling?

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Thank you. You have certainly given me more to think about.

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Please understand this is a question, not an accusation.

Can you help me understand why you waited until you were 25 to report this crime? I understand while it was happening coming forward would be hard, especially as it was your stepfather. At some point you would have realised it was wrong, and perhaps at a later point you would have had the freedom to speak out.

I ask because I was in a conversation today about some celebrities who have been accused of crimes 30 years ago and I wonder why it took so long. I also have doubts about "Recovered memories," although I understand that is not the case with you.

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Thanks for the link. Prices are low enough to try it out.

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How do players such as yourself plan so many shots ahead? I can barely predict where the white will stop within a quarter of the table.