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I'm also living at my cabin now, doing Reno's and finishing up a 2nd smaller cabin. Although mine is in the Gatineau mountains across from Ottawa...and also I just get money from unemployment insurance...and also I had to move here because I lost my job and couldn't afford the mortgage and my apartment rent...but it is beautiful here, everyday I wake up on top of my mountain and look out over a huge vista with a lake and the serrounding hills. Do some Reno's, play some banjo, maybe go swimming. Wish I could start a YouTube channel and just live here but they never seem to get more than a few views.

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I caught them straight up lying about how they determine rides. They say it goes to the nearest driver but it doesn't. I had 3 ladies in my car, dropped one off and another thought she would just start a new ride to keep me as the driver to drop the other 2 off. Tried 3 times but even though they were sitting in my car it went to other drivers blocks away. I complained to Uber through their awful complaint system. They tried to tell me it was likely gps malfunctioning. I told them I studied GPS in depth through a surveying program i had done. Only at that point did they admit they lied but they didn't care.

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Yah I know. Thanks for the kind words. You are probably right. Well I hope yours keeps growing my man. Keep living the dream.

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How much time do you think we have before drug resistant viruses cause massive deaths like the plagues of old?