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The guy who posted the AMA has left the thread, I suggest you come back and look up one of the phone numbers he left and contact the authorities directly.

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wait wait - but what about the part where God made you this way?

Did any of these religious people appreciate that God made you this way? Because I mean technically if you are going to go that route he doesn't make mistakes right? So you should be at least approved by God or something.

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She's probably unblocked shit kinks she didn't know she had.

also see: new shit kinks

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You can get super vibrant results because of your empty base color, you should try all sorts of stuff.

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Well! my friend is colored a lot like you, I think he's a redhead who went white early and he does a lot of bright colors.

Bright/vibrant PINK would look great on you

A bright teal or robin's-egg blue would look amazing on you (agreed - deep blue would be no good)

A rather bright lavender (not purple) would be incredible.

I'd go for more saturated lighter-colors over deep jewel tones because the deeper contrast could wash you out.

EDIT - generally speaking green looks bad on everyone so I'd skip it