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I believe GMO cotton is the standard / conventional cotton. It worries me to see brands choosing organic cotton when organic could be worse for the environment. Is there any reason you choose organic over conventional?

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Your Cotton is organic, but I’ve heard good thinks about GMO BT Cotton and increase in biodiversity and less land use. Why did you choose organic?

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I really want to buy into more sustainable clothing and ethical, but they all focus on being more “natural” and “organic” based on the assumption that these things are most sustainable when they’re usually not. It’s so annoying, because I want to buy their stuff.

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I mean I didn’t think that was a thing but ok. The soil association are very anti GMO. The article talks about “hazardous synthetic pesticides”, even though plenty of organic pesticides are pretty hazardous.

I probably wouldn’t get my information about organic farming from the people that make a tonne of money promoting it.

Edit:I mean this in the least condescending way possible, I used to buy a lot of organic then found out I was probably making worse purchases for the environment