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Oh, I like that. That demonstration is much better than the doomsday scenario I expected.

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Couple more questions if I may.

1) What's to stop a telemarketer from putting a call down as a "yes" instead of the "no" they got? There've been cases in my country (Finland) where telemarketers would call people and offer them a product, get a "no thank you" and send the product anyway. This particularly has been happening with a company selling "subscriptions" to socks and shaving supplies. They sell it as a free sample whereas it's actually a subscription you automatically agree to unless you call and cancel, but their phone numbers aren't actually manned. So you either pay or the bill goes to a debt collector. My grandfather got hit with this shit.

2) What's the fastest way to get a telemarketer to give up and end the call? "No thank you" doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

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Does the company you work for and who solicits purchases also handle the billing for them? If not, and I am called cold by a telemarketer and buy something, how do you make the distinction clear to me that I am not in fact entering an agreement with you, but with a third party? Furthermore, if your firm is hired by, say, a cellular operator to push their new product, do they grant you access to their customer records?

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Nice, very nice.

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For some reason which I cannot fully explain, I was thoroughly disappointed to note that, as I ordered a box set of one of my favourite books of all time, the Harry Potter series, that they were categorised as "young adult". I always thought they were "fantasy". Suddenly, they were YA, and I felt like I had no business enjoying them so much.