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I am a small woman, but I was put under for some surgery a while back and have a history of an abusive ex that among other things would try getting way with me while I slept. The surgery was for "downstairs issues" and combined with me being in a vulnerable state (just like when I was sleeping) - yet I had no problems at all.

There were people that talked with me before the procedure, that would also be there during. Nurses were compassionate, surgeon was effective but not unkind.

Came to, was shaking heavily until my partner was allowed in. He put his hand on my shoulder and my body instantly turned off the shaking. And after that I was fine.

By the time the nurse came back to see how I was doing and to ask if I was ready to try some bland yogurt (think they needed to see if I could eat or something) I'd already had cup noodles, apple juice, and other snacks we'd packed in preparation for hospital food being bland 😅

So my recommendation is to bring simple snacks that are not cup noodles since they don't allow as many people in hospitals etc these days, and my SO had to get access to boiling water for that.

I believe it helps to be aware of your past history, rather than have suppressed or unprocessed emotions, memories of danger and/or current helplessness in your life that you aren't/can't be honest about.

Not that it is a guarantee, but it just seems logical to not have a fighting instinct kick in unless your conscious self is all that holds that back on the regular to begin with.

I would probably let them know about your history though, because it would make me less nervous to know they know, if that makes sense.