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Hey Sasha, big fan!

to quote your dad. "The sky calls to us, if we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars."

Are you hopeful or pessimistic about our chances to cooperate on a global scale, maybe even to achieve things like "venturing to other stars".

We seem stuck in this perpetual state of war, hatred, nationalism and tribalism... and yet... is there reason to be optimistic?

Underline_Smudge3 karma

Carl wrote in "pale blue dot" about his grandparents on the banks of the river Bug, and their journey to America. My Great grandparents were less fortunate, and didn't escape Europe before the Holocaust. Their experience as Jews, surviving Auschwitz strengthened their Jewish identity. I am Jewish but am an atheist, and my grandparents always tell me it's important for me to preserve my Jewish Identity, although it isn't of much importance to me personally. Do you think the problem of identity could be a contributing factor to finding a secular meaning to our lives? I know Carl was Jewish, did he have any sense of Jewish identity? How does personal Identity play a role in your life?