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Then I applaud you Sir/Madam. I have to admit that I didn't read all of the other little side-stories, but the ones that I did were entertaining. The main storyline is awesome.

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Your games are very philosophical, dealing with life and death and whatnot. I for one really appreciate this and I find it great that you can have these really deep thoughts about the meaning of life and express them so powerfully through your art/games.

I'm interested in the back story to how you came to think so deeply about life and death and reality. Did you have an identity crisis? Did you have a close death encounter? Did you challenge your religious upbringing? Why are you so deep, man?

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Will this affect all your children?

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The story in Rodina is fantastic. I agree that people don't want to read novels in a game. If the whole storyline of Rodina had been presented all at once, I would have TL;DR'd it. However, because it was presented in snippets, I read it, and because it was so well written and parcelled, it actually incentivised me to keep playing to get the next datastick. And because the journey of unveiling the story was drawn out to just the right extent, it made it more engaging, like a good drama series.

The end of the story still gets me, every time I play through the game again. I would present the storyline of Rodina chapter 1 as a model of how to do writing in games.

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Daggerfall in Space

This. So much this. I still think Daggerfall is the best Elder Scrolls so far. I know I'm repeating myself, but I just want to make sure that you keep this vision. I can't wait until this becomes a reality!