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Say what you want about her, but she knows her fanbase.

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First you must be the BEST in existence.

Well, lessee... I can carry twice my weight in equipment and party most people non-musicians under the table. I regularly bang my head at the light board while running it in real-time, and can sort groupies while setting up drums and masturbating to Lita Ford. Oh, yeah...the most important part:

I work for cheap.

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Also codpieces. Please, dear god, wear codpieces.

Be very careful what you wish for. [LINK NSFW!]

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Sure, some of it's the clientele, but a good chunk of it is how the company handles things, and part of it is a few bad drivers.

Example: I'm deaf, and Greyhound has NO idea how to deal with me. The last trip I took was from New York to Texas, and I swore I'd never ride GH again.

First, when we got the tickets, we double- and triple-checked that they put down that I was deaf. My wife was to be my attendant. They didn't give two fucks, after insisting that they'd make sure all staff along the route would be able to accomodate my hearing. Nope. It wasn't marked on the tickets, and they tried to split us up after assuring us we could ride together so I would be sure what was going on. It took a minor freakout to even get them to seat me next to her. The announcements at the stations along the way were barely audible to my wife, and station employees kept referring me to listen for the PA, even after I explained that I couldn't hear it. They'd just shrug and walk off. We almost missed a few buses because my wife was in the bathroom and missed the garbled noise from the PA calling for departure.

This GH page is sheer bullshit.

Damn near called the cops to pull it over on the last stretch into Texas, too. Turns out that at about 3am, some drunk idiots thought it'd be funny to start fucking with my wife. I figured I'd give the driver a chance to deal with it. Went up to the front, and started to say "Excuse me..."

That's about as far as I got before the drivers screamed, and yelled that she'd call the cops if I ever came to the front again.


"Fine," I thought, "I can get the cops to pull this thing over and see if they'll take me a little more seriously..." and pulled out my phone.

My wife at this point, was thoroughly frazzled and begged me not to call. She just wanted to get home, and it stopped me from making a scene.

Yeah, the problem is that for the most part, GH is rotten from the top down. Nothing personal, OP.

{...and for those that'd suggest I should've reported the incident, I did. GH never got back to me, although they were to kind as to add me to their mailing list. ಠ_ಠ)

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Oak A.