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For the still unconvinced Americans among us (no hate, I used to be one and understand the mindset); exactly how much did all this treatment cost you?

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That's pretty amazing. I'm glad you were able to get the appointments you needed in a timely manner without worrying about going bankrupt in order to get them and the rest of your treatment.

I'm a relatively recent convert if I'm honest; I used to believe the BS about there being no alternative but to wait when the NHS wasn't able to provide timely services. Sadly the "death panels" bogeyman was living comfortably under my bed for a few years but has since been evicted with prejudice.

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Health insurance shouldn't even be on our radars when considering a job because it should absolutely be universally available in the single most powerful, and rich nation to every exist in human history.

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"And the traction control system is a lot better than toyota's and ford's."

This is true. My 2006 E90 (it's a, BMW I know, but comparable) has dynamic stability control that I still marvel at how good it is 14 years later. I've driven a lot of new cars since getting it (a 2019 Mazda 3 was the newest so far) and none have matched how eerily intuitive it is.