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I had to stop a woman in the grocer once to tell her how lovely she was. She was wearing the full length, long sleeve, black dress, head scarf and part of her face was covered, but she had the most striking eyes. She said she was Saudi and doesn't hear that much and thanked me for being so kind. She mentioned that people frequently stare, so I explained that it might be because she just seemed so interesting and beautiful. Her eyes began to tear, and she thanked me profusely.

I'm a woman, though, so it might not have been as weird coming from me.

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She is very, very pretty. 16 year old me would have killed cheerleaders to look that cute... I think I have problems.

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I'm more curious how this has 1000 upvotes to the positive, especially with such short answers.

I work for a greeting card company, AMA!

"What's your average customer like?" -Old.

"How much do you get paid?" -Not enough.

"Why are you doing this?" -Upvotes.

There. You now know everything there is to know about my job. Also, we do have cards for just about everything because most are so vague, they're really up to interpretation.

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This is exactly what happened to a friend of mine. He was riding a bicycle home drunk and ran into an intersection early. The car barely swiped him, but he was too wasted to catch himself.

He hit his head, and although he still looked perfectly beautiful, his brain swelled. It sounded like they said "contra-coo impact and post concussive hemorrhaging/swelling."

We all wanted to blame the driver, but that makes no sense. He was a little drunk, too, but my friend was very sloshed. It was an accident. Mistakes were made in a fraction of a second. It sucks. It's awful for everyone to live with, but it happened. My friend's parents said, "It's the hardest thing ever. This really, really sucks. We don't blame anyone. That won't make anything better. If he had woken up, he wouldn't have been mad. Why the hell should we do something he wouldn't want just because he isn't here?" I'm not paraphrasing. I remember that specifically.

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Huh... I thought my aspergers just turned me into a filterless person that speaks before fully thinking it through. I've struggled post-concussion for years after a car accident that left me home bound for a year in high school. Lots of times I've complained to doctors about impulse control. I usually get, "Well, you have frontal lobe damage, so..."