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Is there a certain energy "goal" you are aiming for? Or simply trying to increase it as much as you can?

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If you don't mind me asking, since you've had this done before, what do you remember (if anything) from when you were "dead"?

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Well, I can't answer the second, but there are tons of things you can do with the degree. Most engineering degrees are pretty versatile, they just prove you can figure out most problems you're handed. As far as Nuke specific stuff though, there are thousands & thousands of research jobs with nuclear. There are tons of vendors that provide services for the nuclear industry that require knowledge also.

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Ohh, I've got a question, not sure if you'd know the answer though.

Without giving away details, is the stuff on the walls of cursed child permanent? If so, what kind of hoops did they have to jump through to get approval for that?

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Oh man, that's hilariously bad. At a plant in the South, they would always tell the newbies they had to wear a yellow sticker on their hardhats to signify they were new, so everyone knew to keep an eye on them. It just so happens things like stickers love getting gassed up in containment & will trigger the radiation monitors.