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Great question! I've been asking this myself every day.

I personally won't. As a sweaty person HK is too hot for me. In HK I had to turn on the AC around March, but in the UK I don't even need a fan in the summer.

I can't trust food imported from Mainland China but I know I can trust food imported from the EU. And you can't have nice berries in HK! A box of strawberries imported from Tasmania costs HKD 100, but in UK I can have that for £3...and it's far tastier too...

Not to mention the quality of life, cost of housing, etc etc.

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Ugh, what can I say? I and all of my friends know that Brexit is fucking stupid.

Personally I am very stressed about it. I try to avoid news because of this. I am a hardcore supporter of the NHS, and I am very scared that it might wreck our medicine supplies. I also do not want to see HFCS or chlorinated chicken in our food.

Yes, I will be protesting. As a HKer, protesting is in my blood lol. Bollocks to Brexit!!

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Hongkonger forever.

Yes, I am a Han Chinese by blood but CCP has tried to change the meaning of that word into "citizen of PRC" which is why I do not want to use it.

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Personally, my family is obviously not happy about it. My family has been very wary of the Chinese government which was why my father applied for British citizenship in the first place. It's also the main reason we emigrated to the UK.

If you are asking about what HKers think - What CCP is doing is quite futile to be honest, as Hong Kong has never been China's. Most young HKers do not identify themselves as Chinese.